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Diagnostic Testing

- History/Symptom


- Neurotransmitter     Assessment

- Stress Assessment

Functional Testing

- Blood Testing

- Urine Testing

- Pulse Oximeter

- Stool Testing

- Blood Pressure

- Autonomic Reflex Reactions

- Saliva Testing

- Hormone Testing

- Stress Hormone Testing

- Vitamin/Nutrient Testing


- Supplements

- Breathing Exercises

- Aerobic Exercises

- Anti Fungal Treatments

- Digestive Repair Program

- Allergy remediation

- Neurotransmitter     regulation

- Stress regulation


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Due to alterations in development, certain biochemical and physiological functions may be impaired.  By providing a comprehensive assessment, we can help address and correct physiologic processes that that may hinder an individuals progress.  By providing a directed therapies to the sensory motor system, and also helping correct the internal environment, a person with learning disorders can progress, and achieve more in a shorter amount of time.