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Human Brain Development

The brain, cerebellum and the brainstem are the main control centers for life.  They control every action that takes place.  While these structures are complex, understanding the anatomy of them and their functions can give a good perspective of what is happening within someone.   Our large brains developed due to the ability of being able to walk upright.  Walking upright against gravity is the most complex movement on earth as compared to other animals.  In order to coordinate all of the large and small muscles, we needed to have a larger brain.  During development of a larger brain we also gained other abilities that evolved parallel or secondarily to our ability to control our bodies upright.  Those abilities are called cognitive and executive functions.  They help us orient, remember, perceive, organize, plan and execute complex information.  

The neo-cortical (new cortex) parts of the brain are the main areas that we use when performing cognitive and executive functions. The prefrontal cortex is an area that performs many of these actions.  When each side (the right and left) work together we have an efficient processing of information.  When we don’t we get a more biased disposition to information we perceive, these biases can lead to an over activity of one hemisphere of the brain.  When present the person will not only exhibit different behaviors, but will also show some obvious and some subtle signs in the body.  Since the brain is the ultimate control center for the body, the person will  have some sensory and motor differences as compared to the other side.  Slight preferences to one side or the other are normal. However,  it’s when the preferences/bias are large that we see altered perceptions and altered body awareness as in neurobehavioral learning disorders.

The majority of neurobehavioral learning disorders are due to a decrease in development/stimulation to the right hemisphere of the brain.  They range from ADD/ADHD to Autism.  While Dyslexia is a decrease in stimulation to the left hemisphere.  Anatomically the tissue in the brain is normal, just not as developed as the other side.  The reason we are seeing increases in these disorders is because of changes within our society.  Brain Coordination Therapy targets these areas through a wide variety of treatments to help increase stimulation to these understimulated regions by promoting plasticity.  Plasticity is the brain’s ability to establish new connections to improve function.  Slowly over time the brain will establish new connections that had been lacking and symptoms will improve.

Brain Functions

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