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Childhood Development

Developmental milestones are key to accessing how to help children with learning disorders succeed.  Developmental delays can occur prenatally to adolescence.  If these delays are not addressed, they can lead to a lack of development of other more complex cognitive abilities, behaviors and movements.  We commonly refer to these as learning disabilities.

The use of the term learning disability would indicate that the main presentation of the disorder has to do with just the ability to learn or behavior, while the rest of their development proceeds smoothly without incident.  

While the learning disability is usually the first and most present symptom, there are other signs and symptoms that are usually present before the learning disorder is diagnosed.  Most of these children have problems with their sensory/motor systems, balance, cognitive processing abilities, as well as their internal physiology.

New and evolving perspectives on research shows many of these disorders have overlapping signs and symptoms, so they share common features and possibly causes as well.  They only vary in severity and the exact location.  Most share the same anatomical region(s) in the brain.  

The links to the right will explain further how proper development influences these conditions.

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