Brain Coordination Therapy involves comprehensive techniques to help treat the underlying causes of neurobehavioral learning disorders.  Taking all aspects of the child into account, from prenatal development to adulthood, nutrition, lifestyle and academic performance; we comprise possibilities as to why they have been afflicted with a disorder.  

We then give the child a comprehensive neurological evaluation.  Using the health history and evaluation, we formulate a specific treatment program tailored to treating the weaknesses we find.  

Treatment will consist of re-integrating their sensory-motor system, nutrition, rhythm and timing, as well as offering help with cognitive processing.  

Developmental disorders are complex and therefore one treatment does not fit all. Previously one would have had to go to 7 to 10 different practitioners for most of the care that is offered with Brain Coordination Therapy.   Brain Coordination Therapy takes all these different treatments, as well as some other unique therapies to treat these disorders, and offers the most comprehensive treatment system for neurobehavioral learning disorders.

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