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The Program

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Diagnostic Testing

- Health History/Nutritional


Functional Testing

- Food Allergy Testing

- Immune System Testing

- Food Challenge Testing

- Gluten Testing

- Gut Permeability Testing


- Menu Planning

 - Food Elimination Plans

- Gluten Elimination Plans

- Digestive Repair

Food is considered the number one cause to poor health today.  Reliance on processed foods is known to cause many diseases and conditions associated with aging.  The inflammation a poor diet can cause, will create problems with the digestive system, immune system, blood sugar and stress hormones.  This can lead to fatigue, slower mental processing, general body soreness, and a lack of motivation.  

A leaky gut will allow larger food particles into the blood stream causing inflammation and immune system over reaction. Gluten, which is a large food particle that should not cross into the blood stream, has been found in deposits in the brain and cerebellum.  The presence of gluten in the central nervous system causes the brain’s immune system to react creating scaring and plaques over time.  This can decrease brain health and development due to the inflammation associated with gluten and the excess energy needed to fight off the harmful molecules.