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Describe Your Child’s Symptoms

Below is a list of signs and symptoms your child may have. On a separate piece of paper mark down the numbers of statements that apply to your child.  If the statement does not apply to your child do not mark it down.  When finished click the SEE THE ANSWERS button to review what conditions best correlate with your answers.

THIS IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS OF YOUR CHILD, but it is a way to see what category of deficiency they might  be in.

1)  Thinks analytically all the time

3)  Difficulty modeling someone else’s behavior

5)  Misses gist of story, last to get a joke

7)  Gets stuck in a set behavior, can’t let it go

9)  Tends to take risks

11)  Lacks social tact

13)  Inappropriate social interactions

15)  Has hard time making friends

17)  Acts inappropriately giddy or silly

19)  Has poor time management, always late

21)  Talks incessently, asks repetitive questions or repeats words

23)  Problems paying attention

25)  Poorly oganized, room always messy

27)  Can’t sit still, overactive, or impulsive

29)  Obesessive thoughts/behaviors

31)  Argues a lot, generally uncooperative

33)  Act immature for age

35)  Appears bored, aloof or abrupt

37)  Unable to share enjoyments, interests, or achievements with other people

39)  Is considered strange by other children

2)  Procrastinates

4)  Extremely shy, especially around strangers

6)  Is very good at body language (non-verbal communication)

8)  Is well liked by other children and teachers

10)  Little to no behavioral problems

12)  Understands social rules

14)  Hates doing homework

16)  Good at social interaction

18)  Makes good eye contact

20)  Has poor self esteem, especially with academics

22)  Likes to be around people, ejoys going to parties

24)  Doesn’t like sleep overs

26)  Not good at following routines

28)  Can’t follow multi step directions

30)  Self conscious of being made fun of

32)  Seems to be in touch with feelings

34)  Jumps to conclusions

36)  Very aware of personal appearance

38)Generally easy going

40)  Difficult to motivate at times