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Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Theory of Developmental Disorders

1) All Disorders are Variations of similar of same problem

2) Bipedalism is major reason for neocortical evolution (brain is so big)

3) Cognitive Development evolved Secondary or Parallel to Motor Development

4) Overlap of Motor and Cognitive symptoms/signs

5) Lack of cortical stimulation (not over stimulation) is fundamental problem to developmental disabilities – The Frontal lobe is made of many large inhibitory neurons, thus lack of development leads to lack of inhibition/gating can lead to a developmental disorder (ADHD)

6) Primary problem then becomes Neocortical Imbalance or Hemisphericity (one side develops more/faster than the other)

7) Most common conditions are result of Right Hemisphericity (ADHD to Autism Spectrum)

8) Environment is a fundamental problem (even more with genetic predisposition)

9) Therefore Problems are correctable - Neuro-plasticity

10) Hemispheristic Specific Treatment is Key to Success for these problems

Reference:  Leismann, Melillo - Neurobehavioral Disorders of Childhood