Sensory and Motor

Since sensory and motor development occurs just before or along side cognitive development, a special focused exam must be given to begin to find the areas of the body and brain that need to be addressed.  Through these findings a specific treatment protocol is established to address the areas of weakness.  Through repetitions and challenges the mind/body connection can be established allowing the process of neuroplasticity to develop the weaker areas of the brain.  Below is a list of diagnostic testing and potential treatments that can be used to generate a therapy plan.

Diagnostic Testing

- Physical Examination

- Neurological Examination

Functional Testing

- Ranges of Motion

- Muscle Strengths

- Auditory/Hearing

- Sensory Proficiency

- Attention

- Smell

- Taste

- Eye Movement/Coordination

- Balance

- Timing and Rhythm

- Primitive Reflexes


- Eye Lights Therapy

- Interactive Metronome

- Sound/Auditory Therapy

- Vestibular/Proprioceptive

- Tactile Stimulation

- Taste Perception

- Aromatherapy

- Postural Exercises

- Core Stability Exercises

- Light Stimulation

- Vibration Machine

- Electrical Stimulation